Exchange of game currency and values

Our game currency website offers players to buy and sell virtual values ​​and accounts. Each transaction on the Loot4Pay marketplace is protected by a guarantor – sellers are paid only after the order is completed. We only allow users to sell legally obtained items, characters and gold.

Why buy

Purchasing valuables will be required for those players who want to succeed in passing video games, but do not want to waste time for boring farm and earnings. Thanks to such actions, the player can save himself from many hours of wandering around the online world and finding funds to buy the necessary items. By purchasing a ready-made account, you can make a leap in the development of your character, get the necessary arsenal and ammunition in the shortest possible time.

And if you are engaged not only in online purchase, but also in the sale of game currency, then you get an excellent opportunity to earn money. This activity option is suitable for those who are bored with any game and who want to benefit from the time spent on its passage. Depending on what level you have reached, you can get a good addition to your main income.

Buying and selling a character

Most video games require increased attention to leveling a character, and this – many hours spent playing. But if you do not have enough free time, then you can easily avoid spending a lot of time by purchasing an already upgraded character.

Such a step can be regarded as a profitable investment. That is, if you purchased gold and items for the game, then you can sell them at any time in our in-game currency store.

Buying is also often a great exchange option if you changed the server for the game and managed to sell your old character. That is, in this case, you sell an unnecessary character on one server and buy a more interesting option on another.

Buying and selling an account

If you want to completely abandon the game, then by selling an account you can receive monetary compensation. A good offer for those who want to leave the virtual world, but regret the time spent and are not averse to making a profit.

This method of earning is also suitable for people who have gaming talent and do an excellent job of pumping characters on different servers. On the exchange of game currency and accounts, such players can receive stable and regular earnings. The advantage is that there are no restrictions on the sale of accounts. That is, a player can sell an almost unlimited number of real accounts, the most important thing is that they be obtained legally.

Selling an account can also become part of the character exchange when moving from one server to another. Such a procedure is quite in demand among the players, and thanks to the use of our site, it becomes very easy to perform.

The advantages of the gaming exchange

After your order is completed, the funds will be credited to the seller's account. Then you can rate and write a review about your purchase. If you have any difficulties or questions, our technical support will always come to the rescue. Good luck and enjoy the game!