The plot of the game is based on the confrontation between the two races - the Elyos and the Asmodians. They inhabit opposite parts of the planet Atreya, which is in a dilapidated state due to ancient conflicts. Asmodians live in conditions of constant darkness and cold, they had to learn how to survive in the most difficult conditions, which was reflected in their appearance and character. Their capital is the city of Pandemonium. The Elyos live on a well-lit part of the planet, the cataclysm had almost no effect on their habitat and was not reflected in their appearance. The main city of this race floats in the air and is called Elysium.

Depending on the chosen race, the player starts the game in one of the worlds. The starting location of the Asmodians is called Ishalgen, and the Hellenes spawn in Phoeta. In each of the worlds there are five more large locations, where you can move freely. You can also get into the "alien" world, but only in special places-portals. PvP is only possible between representatives of different races. There is a common area for all players called the Abyss. There are currently 11 classes available in the game. It does not depend on the chosen race, all players have the same options for choosing.

Kinah is the main in-game currency. For them, you can make purchases from NPCs or from other players at the auction, as well as purchase houses. Players can also collect Abyss points and Glory points. Abyss points are awarded for killing human enemies, as well as some especially powerful NPCs. Often they are a reward for participating in various game events. Abyss points can be used to buy special items. When defeated in PvP, points are taken away from the player. Glory points can be earned during sieges of enemy fortresses and in some other events. Based on them, a rating of players is compiled and ranks are assigned. A large number of fame points allows you to receive valuable weekly rewards. Over time, the number of fame points decreases, therefore, in order not to lose ranks, players need to constantly take part in events on the server.

Aion– is a popular MMORPG developed by the South Korean company NCSoft. Initially, it was distributed on the basis of a monthly subscription, but later gradually switched to free access in all countries. Since 2009, the Russian-language version has been published by the Innova company. Access to official servers in Russia and the CIS countries is carried out through the Fogame platform.