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"Arheage" – one of the most anticipated multiplayer games of recent times. Just a couple of hours after its launch, the fans managed to completely score all 9 servers. The main currency in the game is gold. It can be obtained through crafting or farming. The following actions can also bring you money resources:

It is worth saying that at first it will be extremely difficult to get even a little gold. That is why many users regret the time spent on obtaining the currency and purchase it separately. This approach allows you to save time and not spend every free minute on boring and monotonous quests.

By purchasing additional gold in Archeage, you will be able to upgrade your character as quickly as possible. With the help of coins, you can buy high-quality weapons, expensive armor and other equipment. In addition, gold will become indispensable for elixirs, crafting items and other small things.

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Please note – we do not have the game itself or its components. Archeage official website:

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