What are the features of ArcheAge and why is it popular?

In the game, everyone will be able to find something for himself that will be to his liking. For connoisseurs of bright and colorful battles, there is a PvP mode, while others will like to participate in PvE battles with dangerous monsters.

The economy of the game depends entirely on the players

ArcheAge is unique in that there are virtually no restrictions. The players themselves create the history of the world and its economic component. For example, you can grow vegetables and sell them on the market at your own price. You can become an alchemist and create various healing potions for sale. Or maybe you like fishing? Then the path of the fisherman — it's your choice!

Colorful PvP Mode

Do you want to hone your skills and constantly participate in battles? ArcheAge allows you to attack any player, regardless of his faction affiliation. When attacking, do not forget that you can also become a prime target for enemies who want to kill you. Do you want to fight fair? Then your way is to rent, where you can challenge other players and fight them 1v1.

It's always interesting in ArcheAge

Don't know what to do? In ArcheAge you can do whatever you want! Here are unlimited possibilities for exploration! Go on raid bosses, go on a treasure hunt, participate in daily exciting events, make new friends and become the head of your guild. 

Constant updates

ArcheAge is constantly updated . various events, events are added to the game, new locations, monsters are created, more opportunities appear.

It will be even more interesting!

At your service there are several servers that will allow you to appreciate all the delights of the ArcheAge game. Join existing ones or join a new one in order to go through the whole path of becoming a hero together with other players from the very beginning.

Arche Age — it's a game in which you make history yourself!

In this computer game, you can become anyone you want. Here you can combine 120 combat specializations to create your own unique class. It is possible to choose a peaceful profession and engage in farming, collecting herbs, growing vegetables and fruits.