Arma 3


The scene is the fictional islands of Altis, Stratis, Tanoa and Malden (with open and destructible settlement buildings). Time is the near future, the 30s of the 21st century. The Western European economic crisis has led to a confrontation between America and China in the Pacific Ocean. At this time, the fictitious military alliance CSAT (Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty) is gaining power.


  1. BLUFOR, which include NATO (in the game, the alliance of America, England and the fictional international special forces unit CTRG), as well as the Gendarmerie (police squads on the island of Tanoa in the Apex add-on).
  2. OPFOR, consisting of a fictitious political association of Asians, Arabs and Africans (in the game these are the forces of China, Iran and the regiment from Africa, the exact country of which is not specified), as well as Russia (a unit on the territory of Livonia from the “Contact” campaign).
  3. Independents are the military forces of Altis and Stratis (a battalion led by George Achanteros), rebel detachments (require rotation authorities in the Republic), a syndicate (a criminal group led by Solomon Miru from the Apex DLC, whose influence has spread across the island of Tanoa), the Livonian Defense Forces (the military from the non-existent state of Livonia in the "Contact" campaign).

In total, the game has 11 add-ons, the first and largest of which - "Apex" - was released back in 2016. It added the island of Tanoa, which has been experiencing political instability since the tsunami. The last DLC - "Contact" - was released in mid-2019.

Arma 3 – tactical first-person shooter with a significant share of role play. This is the third installment in the Arma series for PC. As before, the Czech company Bohemia Interactive, known for the games DayZ and Vigor, was involved in the launch. Arma 3 first appeared on Steam at the end of 2013. Already in 2015, the game was ported  for Linux.