Armored Warfare: Армата

The essence of "Armored Warfare" is the battle between users in PvP and PvE formats, where it is possible to control tanks, as well as other types of modern military infrastructure, including infantry fighting vehicles, artillery arsenal, powerful armored vehicles, etc. The game includes Project Armata, which is based on the free distribution business model. The game runs on CryEngine. Today, various versions of the game are available to users both for PC and for game consoles.


Currently, the game is an online tank action game dedicated to battles on armored vehicles of the 50s of the last century, as well as on modern types of weapons. At the disposal of users is the entire military arsenal of five levels - key combat and light tanks, units of military artillery (now available in PvE format), as well as armored military vehicles and fighters. Each class of military weapons has unique features, as well as game characteristics. In addition, military equipment in the game is classified by levels - (from 1 to 10), as well as by suppliers (producing countries).

Armored Warfare (abbr. AW) — multifunctional online game that belongs to the genre of arcade tank simulator. The project is similar to the famous game "World of Tanks". Developer – American studio "Obsidian Entertainment", which acted as a publisher on the international site