Astellia Online

Astellia is a classic MMORPG online role-playing game with a non-trivial task. Participants acquire new abilities by collecting battle pets, which are called "astells". The right to choose a new feature of behavior or superpower is granted for 30 collected astells. During the game, users overcome obstacles hidden in mysterious caves, fight other adventurers. A big event takes place every week - the battle of Avalon with a valuable reward. There are 3 factions of players participating in the event. The game is full of adventure, intrigue and unpredictable events.


Each class is characterized by special talents and skills. The player has the opportunity to choose which talents he wants to have. After passing level 50, participants can choose from subclasses. In total, the game features 5 main classes: assassin, shooter, mage, warrior, priest.


Astell helper pet cards can be used at the same time (but no more than three). They are designed to accompany and help in battles, heal, become an impenetrable defense, and enhance the effect on the enemy. Astellas come in three types (servants, defenders and archons) and are divided into several classes (knight, paladin, wanderer, sorcerer, healer, bard, rogue).

Combat system

Same as other classic MMORPG games use the target combat system here. The game does not feature PVP mode. Fighting with other characters is possible only in the duel format, as well as in separate PVP locations or when passing large-scale PVP events.

The game has a fantasy world with a rich history and special laws of existence. The universe is inhabited by magical creatures of different races. The passage of the game becomes possible through the use of mounts, as well as teleportation when moving over long distances from one city to another and between continents. Heroes can't fly.