The gameplay, which can be played by up to 64 first-person users, has been an instant hit and acclaimed. In the case of a single player game, the user is up against an intelligent system (AI). Players have the option to choose a side, military class, weapon type, and unit specialization (infantry, navy, or air force). Statistics for the first decade since the release of the game showed that more than 50 million users took part in the digital battle.

The popularity of the game in the fall of 2012 was used by the film company Happy Madison Productions, releasing a serial comedy action movie based on the plot of the game. The television project called Battlefield: Bad Company was created with the assistance of SONY by order of the FOX network.

Mobile version

In the same year, Digital Illusions CE began looking for a team to develop a mobile version of Frostbite, signaling its intention to refine Frostbite so that users can play anywhere, anytime. A year later, the head of Electronic Arts confirmed this information.

Battlefield (translated from English. Battlefield) — a series of classic gameplay, genre — tactical-strategic shooter. The creation was carried out by a large developer from Sweden DICE (Digital Illusions CE). The product was first introduced to the audience by Electronic Arts Corporation in 2002. The first part was named "Battlefield 1942". In 2004, the corporation released the second game "Battlefield: Vietnam".