Black Desert

Black Desert: features of the Russian version

In our country, it is assumed that access to the game will be provided on a free-to-play basis, at the same time it is planned to launch several servers with a monthly paid subscription. As for Korea, Black Desert will definitely be free there. Other states will distribute the game at their own discretion, publishers will decide whether access is paid.


The combat system of the game is presented in the form of Non-target action with an active block, the potential to avoid hits and an interesting combo system, the composition of which is supposed to be composed right in the course of action. Each player will have a certain amount of stamina, which will be spent on jumps, blocks, dodges. Also, each character class will have its own type of additional energy. It can also be used to perform various maneuvers.

The world and the structure of the game action

The design of the Black Desert world is truly interesting - it repeats the appearance of our world in an unusual period of changing eras - the Middle Ages and the Renaissance . The authors of the design motivate their choice of entourage by the fact that this historical period is especially marked by contradictions, upheavals and reforms, revolutionary research and scientific discoveries that turned minds.

The main features of the Black Desert game world are as follows:

Races and character classes

< p> In 2014, the Korean version of the game provided for 11 game classes, in the Russian version - only 5. Moreover, the classes are tied to both races and genders of characters. in turn, gender determines many of the given parameters and skills. The maximum level of characters is not set. Upon reaching level 50, characters can be improved by fine-tuning different body parameters.

Black Desert is a game created in the well-known AMMORPG genre. The developer was PearlAbyss, in Korea the publisher was Daum.