Blood And Soul

The main storyline is based on the confrontation between Heaven and Hell. Players, personifying heavenly creatures, are called upon to save the inhabitants of the Earth from the minions of Hell. Testing of the almost finished version in Russian started in the summer of 2011. Half a year earlier, the developer introduced an international version called Blood Rites to European and North American audiences.


Blood and Soul is not much different from similar online role-playing games produced in the East. The player develops as he progresses through the levels as a result of successfully overcoming obstacles, confronting monsters and traversing caves. The ability to improve the class of the user appears only after the 20th level. After level 60, the class increases.


The game has 4 classes, each of which has a pair of branches. For the first time, the ability to choose a class is provided at the very beginning at the stage of completing the hero, the next choice occurs as you progress through the 60th level. Each class has specific functionality. The wizard and the shooter have the gift of long-range strikes, the warrior is able to conduct close combat, the bard is called upon to heal and support allies.


The game's plot is based on three dimensions: Earth, Paradise and Hell. According to legend, these worlds never crossed, until the minions of Hell created a bridge to Paradise. The result was a confrontation between the warriors of good and evil, the victory remained with the heavenly creatures. However, evil forces have invaded neutral territory, Earth. Now the heavenly warriors have to help the inhabitants of the Earth. The character of the game is one of the heavenly warriors who have to fight back against the minions of Hell.

Blood and Soul refers to free-to-pay games MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) in the fantasy genre. The gameplay was created by the developers of a corporation from the Celestial Empire KongZhong in cooperation with specialists from the USA and Korea.