Call of Duty: Mobile

After initially being released in beta, the game was released to players at the end of 2019.

The mobile version of Call of Duty is almost a complete copy of the main game of the same name. It largely repeats the previous maps, characters and weapons of the main game.

After the game was released, it was appreciated by both players and critics.

The royal battle, classic game modes, multiplayer. However, microtransactions, according to the testimonies of players, turned out to be not so successful in the game.

Despite some shortcomings, the game received almost 150 million downloads within one month after its release, which is the second highest in mobile gaming history.< /p>


The shooter has 2 modes: battle royale and regular online play. In the latter version, in multiplayer it is possible to participate in both ranked and non-ranked matches. When a player wins a ranked match, he increases his rank, and in a non-ranked match, he increases his profile progress.

There are microtransactions in the game. For them, it is possible to get a character or weapon coloring.

Almost every month, new developed seasons appear in the game, which differ in themes, characters, new weapons, abilities, modes appear in new seasons.

< p> Besides it, separate modes are developed (such, as 2v2, Snipers Only, One Shot — One Kill, pr). These modes are initially limited in time: a minimum - a couple of days, a maximum - a season.

Battle Royale

During this battle, players fight to the last man for 20 minutes during the battle. At the beginning, the player is determined between the classes of the game, which can be changed during the revival stage.

At the beginning of the battle royale stage, players have the opportunity to choose whether he will fight alone, paired with the selected player, or the whole squad.

The game begins on board an aircraft, which flies along the map along a randomly chosen trajectory. The leader of the created team, automatically selected at the beginning of the game, chooses the time and place of the team jump.

At the beginning of the game, each player has only one weapon - a knife. Next, they need to find equipment and ammunition randomly distributed throughout the map.

You can play both in 1st and 3rd person, within the team players cannot harm each other in any way. < /p>

Sometimes an airplane flies over the map in random mode, dropping some kind of cargo in a random place.

In the course of the game, after every couple of minutes, the area of ​​the map in which the game is played begins to shrink a little. The moment the player leaves the safety zone, damage begins to affect him.

In the event that a player dies during the game, a special token remains after him. With this token, other members of this team can revive the deceased.

The team of players that remains alive last wins the game round.

Zombie Mode

Since the end of 2019, the zombie mode has been working in the game, which, as the name implies, consists in zombie attacks. The player tries to repel the attack of endless zombies and survive for as long as possible.

In the "raid" mode, the player tries to defeat a certain number of zombie attacks, so that later, in the final, to meet with their bosses.

Zombie Mode only existed in its official version until early 2020. Further, it was removed as not meeting the existing requirements of the company. After working through, in a subsequent update, the manufacturers promised to return this mode to the game.

This breathtaking  computer game  created in the spirit of a shooter and developed by TiMiStudios. This shooter is designed for both Android and iOS devices and is shareware. The game is played from the 1st person.