Call of Duty

Gameplay Highlights

There are four game rules in the game space, and they are:

Now let's look at each mode separately. So let's get started.

Actual Campaign

In the actual VR mode, Call of Duty refers to a linear first-person shooter where the player is an army fighter of a certain nationality/institution. There are always protagonists in the virtual world who can switch roles.

Events are taken from different eras, displayed in a series of the virtual world, The Soviet campaign Call of Duty 2 - early 1941, which follows the timeline of the last Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare games - 2180.

Time Slots: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's story campaign captures with a minimum time interval for 3 days, maximum interval Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 39 years.

All of the above has a discrepancy from the standard option for releasing sequels, i.e. a late release of the game could continue, either add to the events in previous games, or completely restart the franchise. The virtual world has divisions into genres, or an independent game, where the event does not intersect with the previous or future in any way.

In this series of the virtual world, a fairly large assortment of firearms is presented, namely:

  1. a weapon corresponding to reality;
  2. fictional.

In the actual task, the hero is allowed two types of firearms, where before starting the task, he can take it himself, then spend modification above it, and in addition, several types of grenades are given. And in virtual worlds, there is an advantage to pick up weapons after eliminating the enemy. Also including part 2, they imply the use of a health recovery system, and in order for the player to replenish his health, he needs to go into cover. Another important factor is the encrypted scenes, this is necessary in order to give the elements of insurance a greater cinematography. When the player is given control over various kinds of technique, or the usual action for the style can be changed.

In addition to the general outline in the virtual world, there may be other features in some way. In this collection of the virtual world, it can be either for one user or for several people. In all series of games there will be some difficulties. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has become a staple in the series that hasn't adopted the traditional single-player campaign. Tutorial missions are being replaced by story cutscenes.

Multiplayer mode

Automation mode allows players to choose the genre they need in the virtual world:

Ammunition is similar to the actual campaign - these are two types of weapons (modification and customization from old versions), as well as grenades.

In some series of games, the player himself can choose perks for the character he plays. In the latest versions of the games, you can see the upgraded conditions for the virtual hero. The conflicting parties in the browser can be in the form of factions, which are presented in the story campaign.

Co-op zombie mode

In addition to the story campaigns and the builders in the virtual world subseries, there is a team zombie mode, which is four places. Here the player must resist the endless advances of zombies. Each time, the wave of zombies becomes larger, which is proportional to the increase in the health and speed of the zombies, as well as their numbers. For every zombie killed the player will be able to get extra points and buy weapons on them. Also, two types of weapons are issued here, and grenades. When destroying one and subsequent zombies, additional bonuses may appear, due to which the player receives a boost. For example, the bonus "Destruction instantly" - you can eliminate any zombie with one shot.

Players receive only part of the map, and the remaining sections can be opened for certain points.

Other modes

If we take into account the fact that in addition to the above modes in this series of games, there may be others. Take Call of Duty for example Black Ops III has a Free Run mode where each player can use movement through various obstacles - run, slide, jump, slide on walls,

Call of Duty (literal translation into Russian «Call of Duty») – is a series of computer games that is presented in the first person shooter genre, they reflect the meaning of the Second World War, the Cold War, the fight against terrorism, the alleged Third World War, future wars and space wars. 17 fundamental games and 10 branches – this is the proposed series system.