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Call of Duty - Boost

Every day, tens of thousands of players try to hone their skills in the game by playing matches until they're blue in the face. On the other hand, they could always order a boost on Loot4Pay! Why suffer hundreds of hours in the game to get strong and pumped weapons, if you can order boosting, where will they do it for you? You just have to enter the game, marvel at your huge collection of weapons, and then go into battle, conquer new heights with your uber-barrel.

How to order

In order to calibrate to the desired rating, you must first find a worthy master of the game. We have really cool gamers, so you only need a couple of simple manipulations. Everything else will be done for you.

When your account was successfully boosted, please let us know and rate the seller accordingly.

Benefits of buying on Loot4Pay

Call of Duty is a real legend in the shooter world, so you have to live up to such a high standard, especially if you're asking elite gentlemen to sell their account. What are we doing for this? You can find out for yourself:

  1. Favorable prices — we try to monitor prices on the site, not allowing sellers to overestimate them;
  2. Verification of sellers - each seller undergoes identity verification, so you can not be afraid that you will be met by scammers;
  3. The ability to discuss all the terms of the purchase before payment - the buyer and seller can use a separate chat where they can discuss delivery issues or other conditions for receiving, payment or product features;
  4. 24/7 technical support. Regardless of the time of day, you can always get qualified assistance in resolving any disputable situation while using our services.

Why you should do it

In 2020, it is very hard to imagine life without computer games. But developers often put time gates on their games - somewhere they make you grind a level for the sake of opening weapons, at other times they can limit you to a mission where you will receive a new modification. Boosting was invented specifically for this - you just buy this service on Loot4Pay, and another player does all this for you, and you get the results!

Oh, this new Battle Royale based on Call of Duty, and even in two variations at once — for PC and mobile phone. So much to know — from the weapons to the location of each bush on the map, and it's not even the biggest esports discipline to do it for the sake of future rewards and influence.