Castle Clash

Castle Clash Guildfight

For 6 years you have been fighting a major fight for survival. Now it's time for a new challenge - Narcia: Age of War provides you with such an opportunity. You will be able to lead your heroes along with allies to fight and win a brilliant victory over rivals. Make your dreams come true in a completely new world where you can build any buildings, develop a guild and ensure the protection of its territory. It is possible to defeat all powerful enemies with the support of allies. Start taking your guild to the next level now!

Hundreds of millions of other users around the world are already waiting for you to compete in military prowess.

Currently, users can play on such languages ​​like Russian, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese,

Castle Clash has a truly epic scale, the world is changing very quickly, you can test yourself in the most exciting battles. You can collect an entire army and mythical creatures and put hired heroes at the head of it. You get a unique chance to take part in battles and become a great commander. There are many modes in which you can test your strategic skills – these are raids, dungeons and so on.