Castle Clash Services

Castle Clash — Boost

On the Loot4Pay marketplace, you can order the service of boosting your personal account, which will be handled by the same player as you. Unless he will have experience in this, and a lot of free time to boot. But you definitely won’t need to worry about your lock, because it’s in safe hands!

What you need to make a purchase

There are a lot of sellers on our exchange, so finding a suitable offer will not be difficult . A user-friendly interface will allow you to easily place an order and receive your goods in a matter of minutes. The buyer needs only a few actions:

That's it. It remains only to start enjoying the game! With a boosted account, you will be able to break into the game much faster, without having to go through the beginner’s starting path for a long time, where you have no resources or other pumping.

The advantages of buying on Loot4Pay

Using the services of our marketplace , you will surely get the following benefits:

  1. Utterly secure. You do not risk your money, because we have organized a system of interaction between users in such a way that that an unscrupulous seller will not be able to deceive the buyer. And just like buying, selling Castle Clash accounts on our site is completely secure.
  2. Transparent information about sellers. You can go to the personal page of the account owner and study information about his previous transactions.
  3. A convenient payment method. You can pay for your purchases in any convenient way - from your cell phone account, bank card or even just an electronic wallet.
  4. Affordable prices. High competition and low commission allow us to maintain favorable prices for buyers.

If you have any questions or problems using the service, at any time you can contact our service for help technical support.

Why you should do it

Some players find it really hard to achieve great results in games. And it's not even their skills or laziness, but a simple lack of time. But it is for such purposes that the Loot4Pay marketplace exists!

Each of us gave hundreds of hours to upgrade our own account, only after that we were convinced — Why waste personal hours when you can waste other people's hours? Castle Clash — this is a game in which you need to be online almost constantly, which is why even a few hours offline can cost you all the accumulated resources and nerve cells.