Clash of Clans

The essence of the game

The passage of the strategy "Clash of Clans" requires players to carefully plan actions in real time to defend their territory from attacks by other gamers. In addition to defense, it is necessary to carry out independent attacks on enemy territories. In the virtual world, users can go through a single campaign, as well as take part in competitions, actively fighting with other users, win prizes and receive rewards. Those who do not want to fight fierce battles should remember that any user can be attacked on their possessions if they do not have powerful protection. In the game, everyone will have to take part in missions and battles in order to get the necessary resources and trophies.


When passing through a single player game, the user will encounter sinister goblins whose fortresses will need to be conquered and destroyed. The success of the game lies in absolute freedom of action.


In the strategy, you can create your own clan, as well as join an existing military alliance. This will open up new exciting opportunities for fighting, participating in exciting clan battles and civil strife. In addition, belonging to a certain clan makes it possible to increase their power, since at any time the player can call on the troops of his clan to help. If it consists of experienced players, they will give access to more powerful warriors that can be used to attack other possessions. The excitement of the game lies in the long creation of the base and the modernization of your army. After all, the more resources the higher the damage from the attack of enemy clans, and hence the high cost of recovery. Also, the game has clan war systems, where gamers of each army attack enemy possessions, and for effective military campaigns, the user receives prize bonuses in the form of gold, cups and magic elixir.

"Clash of Clans" (Russian "Clash of Clans") — strategy game from Finnish developer "Supercell" for smartphones. An exciting action-packed strategy game. Available for free on mobile devices.