Clash of Kings

Players can enter into military conflicts with the rulers of other realms in large-scale virtual warriors in PVP! Conquer an empire, fight for power, build up military power with dragons, defend fortresses, palaces and military infrastructure to withstand the deadly PVE offensives.

By participating in MMO games, users can develop cunning strategies, strengthen control and power over your land and defend your fortress from enemy attacks. Here you can build farms and sawmills to provide resources for your troops and fortresses. Make peace, declare war and forge military alliances with other monarchs to become great.

Send powerful dragons to receive special gifts that will give strength to your kingdom, help in game planning and strategy, to prevent enemies from attacking your land, defeat enemies in battles and manage your resources. Then you can become the supreme ruler.

Discover new civilizations such as Yamato, Vikings and Dragon Valley and conquer new worlds. New heroes with unprecedented strength and combat effectiveness appear in the ancient valley. These fighters have the necessary combat skills for PVP combat in multiplayer games.

The addictive game "Clash of Kings" - an incredible medieval fantasy world in PVP format.

Welcome to the exciting virtual world of medieval kingdoms, where there is a fierce struggle for power. Start wars, build impregnable fortresses and participate in bloody wars to rule the empire. Download CoK to try out this exciting strategy game.