Clash Royale

Common style with the game reality of CLASH OF CLANS

The course of the game's plot is based on battles, during which it is necessary to eliminate enemy towers using special cards. At the same time, strictly ensuring that the enemy does not destroy your towers. Each player has three towers - two towers of princesses and one main, royal. If you destroy the opponent's royal tower, this leads to a complete victory over him. The princess towers are faster to attack, and have a wider range, but their health resource is much less than that of the king's tower.

The royal tower is not active at the beginning of the game. The period of activity comes after the destruction of one of the towers of the princesses, or the direct damaging effect of the enemy on the royal tower.

Before the start of the battle, the players set up their game decks, choosing 8 cards to play. Each of them consumes the elixir of life to a different extent.

If players have the same number of towers within 3 minutes of real time, the "sudden death" mode is activated, and another 2 minutes are added to the game time. To win in this mode, you must destroy at least 1 tower. If this does not happen, the player who caused more significant damage is considered the winner.

If a player triumphs in a one-on-one mode, he is entitled to trophies, the presence of which determines the gamer rating indicators. Upon acquiring a certain number of cups and awards, a new map of the action arena opens up in front of the player, and the rewards in the chests increase significantly. Also, passing certain tests in the game, the player will be rewarded with a variety of bonuses - gold, cards,

CLASH ROYAL - an exciting game adventure adapted for mobile devices of the RTS genre, which includes some elements of the CCG. The gameplay is available on Android devices and iOS systems. The game was released on 03/02/2016 by SUPERCELL, and already during the first year it enriched its creators by more than a billion green American rubles. In 2020, the profits from the game crossed the $3000000000 mark.