CrossFire was the main action discipline at a major esports event in 2012. The company applies a Free-to-play business model and makes extensive use of microtransactions.

Game Story

Retired special forces soldiers from around the world gather under the roof of Global Risk – international corporation. All of them are very different, but they also have a common feature - everyone had sad circumstances in their fate. Their feature is the ability to perform tasks of increased complexity in different parts of the world. Their clients are neutral countries that have neither a state nor their own armed forces, which are constantly becoming targets for terrorists. The main task of the corporation is to fight against terrorism and ensure the protection of universal human values.

Game flow

CrossFire is a game in which battles are based on the confrontation between CrossFire and Black List factions. Players gain experience during the game, for which they receive points. By typing them, the user rises in rank, the youngest and which will be "Salaga". With an increase in experience, he can grow to the "Marshal". Getting game currency, you can buy things or weapons. It is also possible to purchase them for real money.

It is also possible to purchase them for real money.

It is also possible to purchase them for real money.

Cross Fire is a free-to-play variant of a South Korean first-person shooter game. The tactical product was developed by SmileGate. Neowiz – is a company that is engaged in software publishing in Korea. In Russia and the CIS, Mail.Ru performs the same function.