The idea of ​​playing space

The Crossout era begins with the disappearance of civilization due to failed scientific experiments and falls on the year 2047 (twenty years after the disaster). Rare survivors are fighting for resources. They fight using armored vehicles made from the remains of what comes to hand in the post-apocalyptic territory. Parts of bygone centuries can be used: like metal doors, chainsaw elements, car bodies, as well as inventions of the new century: drones, superpower generators, reactivity boosters.

Game process

Armored car design< /h3>

The main potential of the game is armored vehicles, hand-made by the gamer using materials and diverse elements obtained in searches, battles purchased on the market. For the manufacture of an armored car, a frame is needed in the form of a cab, chassis, platform. Secondary details like armor, generators, weapons, boosters and more, while not essential to victory, can contribute to the effectiveness of the battle.

Crossout offers players target templates and several models of armored vehicles. Ready-made templates are divided into categories: fractional, available to the participant in accordance with the level of fractions; exhibition, laid out by the players themselves; armored cars of the "can be assembled" type, which appear in the garage when activated. Armored vehicles are distributed according to power points (MP), which are calculated for each part. The power points of all parts make up the total amount of MP. The quality of the detail is higher, the higher its OM. At the same time, the gamer has the opportunity to improve and change the models of vehicles in any way from the parts that are available to him and in accordance with his fighting style.

Despite the multivariance in the design of an armored car, specific laws of physics apply in Crossout. It follows from this that heavy vehicles lose their mobility, and the recoil resulting from a shot from a large-caliber gun is capable of turning over an armored car of small dimensions. Therefore, the gamer is forced to take into account the characteristics of the vehicle in the course of its design, and in addition to this, consider the rationality and compactness of the arrangement of elements in its composition.


The gamer can choose the types of combat missions among the following available:

  1. Missions. fights, directed against players (PvP) and robots (PvE) in the form of teams 8 by 8. Opponents can be chosen according to the characteristics of "power points", as for the machines of the participants. If there are not enough players, software bots can replace them.
  2. Raids. Fights between players and bots (PvE). Raids are classified into three levels of difficulty and are designated with one, two, or three stars, respectively. Only in raid mode you can get resources in the form of metal, plastic, electronics, in addition to acquisitions from the market.
  3. Brawls. Fights without rules between players. The mode combines several possible types of battles: "Race", "Every Man for Himself", "Big Black Scorpions", "Storm Warning".
  4. Clan battles. There is a battle of teams for exceptional value - uranium ore. According to the rules, players must form a team of four and win the battle against the other team in order to take possession of a special resource in order to craft relic structures.
  5. Ranked. Battles of some players against other teams 4 by 4. Opponents are selected based on the rating, which rises or falls with the next battle. Redistribution of the rating in accordance with the GM is not carried out. Full teams (4 participants each) take part. When a player exits at the start of a battle, it is not possible to replace him with a bot or another player, and rating points are removed from the exiting participant, as for a loss.
  6. Special. Battles that break out due to a typical military event or the celebration of a particular event. These include such as "Dronopocalypse"; "

    Crossout — an online computer game invented by the Russian studio Targem Games on the initiative of Gaijin Entertainment. Crossout is created in the style of a post-apocalyptic era with a third-person view and is designed for the participation of several users. At its core — PvP battles involving self-assembled armored vehicles. Additional areas of the game are: the market, trade, machine-tool manufacturing of parts.