Cyberpunk 2077

According to the plot, the year 2077 has come. The place where the events of the game unfold is the city of the future Night City. It is located in North America. The main character of the game is a character named V. The player can adjust its parameters. By profession, V is a mercenary, as well as a software cracker. He is proficient in martial arts.

It is known that the game was created by a team of 500 developers. The REDengine 4 engine was taken as the basis. Previously, this studio created the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but then it had a smaller staff. Michael Pondsmith, who laid the foundations of CyberPunk, acted as an advisor on the production of the game. Keanu Reeves himself took part in creating the appearance of one of the main characters. The music was written by Marcin Przybylowicz, a composer from Poland. Previously, he wrote the tunes for the game " whose characteristics can be changed. This, by the way, affects the visual game interface HUD. V has the following skills: combat skills, hacking a computer system, working with equipment. The player can change each of these characteristics. The game has a special character - "reaper". He implants special implants in V that enhance his abilities and installs new software. The game has the ability to acquire new skills on the black market, which, according to the plot, can only be possessed by the military. Unique equipment has a special color icon. In general, V has skills such as shooting, running, sliding, and the skill of hiding. Among other things, V has the ability to jump higher by pushing off the air. At close range, the character can fight hand-to-hand or with the use of melee weapons. There are three types of weapons to defeat enemies. The first of them is ordinary (relying on strength), the second uses various technologies (destroys obstacles and defenses of enemies), intelligent weapons (bullets find the enemy themselves). For long-range engagements, a technique is used that can slow down enemy bullets and deflect them.

Now about damage. The character is vulnerable to thermal, physical, chemical, and electromagnetic attacks. In the process of using weapons, V increases his skills in using them. He starts to load weapons faster, starts to shoot more accurately. All this affects how the hero moves. There are gunsmiths in the game who can repair and upgrade V's weapons. By the way, when choosing weapons that do not cause critical damage, you can go through the game without killing anyone. The same effect can be achieved using computer software.

Night City is located in California. The player operates in an open world. The city is divided into six sections. People from Watson are located in its business part, which is the center. The next area is wealthy Westbrook. The outskirts area is called Haywood and is under the influence of criminals in the Pacific area. The industrial part of the city is Santo Domingo. In addition, there are also areas of the Wasteland that the player must explore on their own. In the tradition of games of this genre, V can explore the city on foot and use the vehicle. Inside the cars, you can switch between the view from the eyes or the back.

There are pedestrians in the game who can get under the car. If an emergency happened through the fault of V, then law enforcement officers may appear. It all depends on how far the character is from the scene.

The radio is working inside the car. The game provides for the change of time of day and weather. Depending on them, the actions and deeds of characters not controlled by the player change. The main character has his own property, we are talking about the premises for the car and the player himself. All characters speak English, but there are those who speak other languages. It is in order to conduct a dialogue with them that V needs special implants that can translate speech. The protagonist also has the ability to access characters' memories. And not just look at them, but also experience the feelings that they experienced at that moment. This is done using special devices called "brandances".

The Hero talks to other characters using a structured communication system. As you progress through the storyline, complete tasks, the hero receives experience points, improves HUD interface data. In addition to the main tasks, there are auxiliary ones. Their passage is optional, but improves the characteristics of the controlled character. He develops, acquires additional skills. Thanks to the passage of auxiliary tasks, new merchants of various devices appear, additional areas of the game and tasks open up. The game has characters such as "Fixers" who offer support missions. By the way, during the passage of missions, V uses the help of friendly heroes of the game. The main character restores health with food and drinks. All the things that V finds, he can analyze. You can do this at any time, as the item is available in a travel bag. Minigames are available in Cyberpunk 2077. These are car racing, software hacking, competition with firearms and martial arts, including boxing. The game has multiple endings. It all depends on what decisions the player makes during important story events.

The game has multiple endings. It all depends on what decisions the player makes during important story events.

The game has multiple endings. It all depends on what decisions the player makes during important story events.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an action game with RPG elements. The creator of the game is CD Projekt from Poland.