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The main feature of the game are characters - survivors and killers. Regardless of who you play as, you will have a certain set of perks, which will include both exclusive perks and general perks for the entire role. But by 2021, the number of such perks began to number in the tens, if not hundreds. And in order to get, and most importantly, to pump each of them, you will have to spend a huge amount of time, which may not be. What to do in this case?

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The protection of our customers is our priority. The seller will not receive your funds, until the purchased product or the result of the service is with you. This way, your money can always be returned to you if something goes wrong. However, the chance of a failed deal is minimal, as we use a rating system to identify a seller that performs well.

Dead by Daylight — this is a game that does not forgive mistakes and inept handling of its character. Gameplay based on avoiding the main villain is not so new anymore. However, at the time of release, Dead by Daylight was one of the most breakthrough games that set the trend for the entire gaming community.