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But what if you're not one of them or just don't have the opportunity to spend so much effort, time and nerves? The Loot4Pay marketplace comes to the rescue — you can buy the item you need directly from our sellers. You pay for the service and in return you get the exotic weapons you need, completed weekly challenges and purchased customizations.

How to get the necessary game valuables

The Loot4Pay marketplace offers comfortable conditions for buying game items and currency. With us you can contact the players directly without intermediaries, which guarantees the lowest prices and fast delivery of orders. If desired, items for Destiny 2 can be bought in just a few minutes. You only need to follow a few simple steps:

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  • Select the offer that suits you from the list;
  • Place your order;
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  • The seller will transfer the purchased items to you, after which the transaction can be close;
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  • And remember, the seller won't receive your funds until you receive the item. Our marketplace supports the free market - any member of our platform can buy and sell game items, currency and accounts in any quantity! Monetize your gaming skill with Loot4Pay!

    Why you should do it

    Do you know a secret tactic or have an experienced static ready to farm at least 24 hours a day? Then join Loot4Pay,

    A Thousand Voices, Divinity and Truth — Destiny 2 has dozens of completely different exotic weapons that are incredibly hard to get. For one you come to go to raids, another you get only after a long and incredibly difficult chain of tasks, and for the last you have to complete tests that are available only to the most experienced and pumped characters and players.