Dota 2 LP washout

Order LP wash (low priority) Dota 2

It is known as Low Priority or low priority. "degraded" you will have to play for some time with the same unreliable comrades or just newcomers who have fallen under the hot hand. They are sent to LP by reports, so the innocent are not immune from this either. But it’s even more offensive to waste time on washing the LP of Dota 2. Luckily, you can delegate the task to someone else. The easiest way is to order a service from us.

Our advantages

We provide comfortable conditions for cooperation between gamers and guarantee:

It is not difficult to apply for LP laundering. It is enough to contact the author of the ad you like, specify the payment details and close the deal after receiving the result. If you have any questions or disputes, we suggest contacting our 24/7 support service for help.

Perhaps everyone knows the game Dota 2. Strong emotions always rage here. And how else in group battles. Team spirit in Dota 2 is of great importance. The developers even created a special punishment for those who undermine it – provocateurs and malicious livers.