Dragon Nest Gold

Dragon Nest — Gold

Any game requires a serious investment of time and nerves from users - somewhere they didn’t manage to win back in PVP, and somewhere they lost a fortune at the auction. But all this is connected with one of the main activities that all players are engaged in - endless and merciless currency farming.

Gold in Dragon Nest is required for completely different things and is the main currency of the game - equipment, equipment, consumables. For all this, you need gold. Dragon Nest, despite its respectable age, especially relative to its younger competitors, has a good influx of new players who start almost penniless. But how to fix this unfair situation?

How to make a purchase?

To buy currency in Dragon Nest, you need to follow a simple sequence of actions:

After these actions, you all that remains is to receive the items or currency in the chosen way, and then confirm the payment to the seller. Until the transaction is confirmed, all funds are held by the Loot4Pay marketplace, which acts as a guarantor of the transaction.

The benefits of buying on Loot4Pay

Loot4Pay provides players with the opportunity to make quick and profitable transactions with each other:

  1. Favorable prices - we try to monitor prices on the site, not allowing sellers to overcharge them;
  2. Verification of sellers - each seller undergoes identity verification, so you can not be afraid that you will be met by scammers;
  3. The ability to discuss all the terms of the purchase before payment;
  4. 24/7 support that will solve all issues related to payment and order delivery.

Why you should do it

On Loot4Pay you can always buy any amount of gold in Dragon Nest! And remember - Loot4Pay does not buy and resell currency, and you buy it from a real player,

Loot4Pay offers you a way to get rid of currency problems forever. The best option — just buy gold in Dragons Nest to start from other players. This way you will not be too far behind other players, while at the same time getting enough money to start the game.