Elite Dangerous

The game was originally supposed to be released in March 2014 for PC. The release for the macOS operating system was planned for June of the same year. But, having published the first trial version, the creators of the series postponed the release date.

This version was available on DVD media - or online, on the developer's site. Soon the DVD version was abandoned. From March 3, 2015, Elite: Dangerous could be purchased by anyone through the Steam platform. Users of the Xbox One video consoles waited for it on October 6, 2015. For players who prefer the Play Station 4, the game was released on June 27, 2017 - and subsequently ported to the Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X/S.


Choose character type at the start is not necessary. Everyone instead modifies their ship to the desired level of equipment, docking the modules they like to it. The ship has basic equipment available by default. Functions and role depend on the choice of the player. Ships are subdivided according to the specific dimensions of the landing platform, there are three of them - from the smallest to the largest. The player achieves the most successful combination of functionality and modules suitable for performing a certain range of tasks.

Some stations do not have platforms for large spacecraft - because of this, it is impossible, for example, to dock small and medium ships with large ones.

According to the plot, there are four types of roles - "Merchant", "Explorer", "Headhunter" and "Pirate". However, the reality of the game world runs counter to these roles. A number of tasks assigned to ships, comes down to the following functions: "cargo carrier", "miner", "combat PVE", "combat PVP", "Anti-Thargoid ship" (to repel alien squads), "explorer", "passenger ship". Less mundane goals have also been added to the game, such as repair and fuel services for participants experiencing difficulties during the mission.

Each of the roles has a number of equipment options and modifications.

When the game update - number 1.3 was published, players gained additional options for choosing their role. According to the developers, players have the right to choose one of several forces of the galaxy - and go to serve her. Space countries control certain star systems, offering all participants very tangible bonuses for the oath of allegiance. Each of the participants has a certain influence on the tactical decisions of the particular faction he serves, while the indicator of influence is determined by his status in it. Every week, space countries provide players with certain options for how to proceed. What step to take next depends on the player: capturing star systems, trying to negotiate, taking sides, etc. According to the results of the vote, the goal is calculated, for the implementation of which missions are formed in the game.

Update 2.3 allowed players to take advantage of the function of recruiting, manipulating the ship along with other players; this feature has been greatly reduced. The function of changing the appearance of the heroes is available.

The Fleet Carriers update has introduced the ability to manage aircraft carriers available for purchase by each of the players. An aircraft carrier is a station ship capable of jumping between star systems into orbit. This space ship has advanced features of simpler stations, but to get it you need to get a considerable amount of currency during the game. Other players will not harm this ship, while the owner chooses who can dock with this ship and use its services.

Game world

Events in Elite: Dangerous take place approximately 50 years after Frontier: First Encounters (FFE), when the Thargoids from another planet, with which the FFE made peace at the end of the story, threaten war with people again. The sectors of the Galaxy inhabited by humans are re-divided between the Federation, Empire and independent star systems, while exploring new territories in space. The game's development team reported that Elite's adventure world is varied, with the main story driven by the players themselves. At the same time, it intertwined the development of systems by trading methods, the financing of wars and anarchy, piracy and unrest. In this game, you can complete missions with any number of players, as well as play in single player mode.

Elite: Dangerous — the fourth simulation game in the Elite space saga series. The creators, having not chosen a suitable distributor for many years, were forced to apply for financial assistance in order to attract additional funds. The Kickstarter platform has become an interactive fundraising platform.