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Buy euros in Escape From Tarkov

How to buy euros in Escape From Tarkov

On the Loot4Pay marketplace, you can buy a currency in just a few steps.

The most important thing for us is your safety. On the Loot4Pay trading platform, your funds are reserved until the transaction is completed. If something has alerted you in the actions of the seller, then you can cancel the payment at any time and return the money back to the account. < /p>

Why buy euros in EFT

Gear and weapon upgrades are a very important factor for a comfortable game in Escape From Tarkov. If you have a lot of time, then you can do some grinding and exploration of the world, but without good equipment, this process can get boring very quickly. Why bother with a long farm, if you can buy euros on the Loot4Pay marketplace and significantly increase your chances of a successful outing.

An important part of the tactical shooter Escape From Tarkov is the economy, and in particular the trade in in-game currency and the exchange of goods with local money changers. There are many items in EFT that are sold exclusively for euros. Game currency can be farmed in the game, or can be quickly and conveniently purchased on the Loot4Pay website.