EVE Online

Basic details

Most of the opportunities for players open up with replenishment of the balance. However, you can play for free without developing the skills of the selected hero and buying the items and equipment offered. In addition, there is also a subscription for a month with a certain amount of payment.

Players from most countries (except China) use one common server. In the Celestial Empire, the server was allocated separately due to the peculiarities of local legislation.

According to various sources, the number of active users is approximately 400 thousand in the global space. At the same time, from 15 to 50 thousand gamers can participate in space battles. While it is known about the record of 65.3 thousand players online. However, it is not at all excluded that this achievement overlapped, more than once.< /p>

Linux and macOS owners could use the Cedega app. Since the spring of 2009, access has been denied to some Linux owners. The solution was found using the Windows version with the Wine application.

Game scenario

So, EVE is a universe in which each player pilots his own spaceship. All graphics were originally designed from a third-person perspective with the ability to link external cameras to different objects. The player could choose the settings mode that was convenient for himself.

At the beginning of 2016, functionality was added that allows you to watch what is happening from inside the spacecraft. Initially, the creators provided an extremely simple control mechanism - all you need is arrows, another set of "hot keys" and simple icons on the remote control.

< p> The basis of the online game is the principle according to which each of the gamers by their actions influences the economy of EVE. There is capitalism in the classical sense of the word, where the main role is played by the human factor.

Therefore, if a player follows his own thoughtful strategy, he can seriously influence the balance of power both economically and politically. Accordingly, the intellectual abilities of the player and the ability to calculate actions several steps ahead play an important role. Naturally, the tactics of virtual rivals are also taken into account.

The EVE universe is really huge. What are only 7,000 galaxies, uniting over 60,000 planets of different formats. But there are 2500 more star systems, initially hidden from the eyes of an inexperienced player. Access to them opens through holes in outer space, which not everyone is able to notice.

But there is one, but an undeniable plus. Hidden formations are not under the control of the so-called NPC factions. Therefore, each player can show his talent in the development of a particular planet.

EVE Online is considered one of the massively popular online PC games. Its genre can be described capaciously with two words – space fantasy.

Originally authored and distributed by Simon & Schuster Interactive. Then the rights were bought by CCP Games (Iceland). It was eventually taken over by South Korean Pearl Abyss in 2018.