EVE Online ISK

Buy isk (isks) in EVE ONLINE cheap

The gameplay of the Icelandic masterpiece is original and multifaceted. Here, social interaction and the economy are the basis of the universe. Corporations and alliances are able to conquer entire regions, while the possibilities of a player just mastering the first ship are very modest. Without proper equipment, a beginner becomes an easy victim for anyone who appreciates the game for the freedom of PvP.

The timely acquisition of force shields, armor and weapons of a decent level will help protect the ship in case of attacks. To do this, Eve Online will need a large amount of lawsuits.

What is isk Eve Online

This is a universal in-game currency that works in any star systems in New Eden . It is on it that all kinds of equipment are purchased, the ships themselves and even plexes that can be used to access the premium version of the world.

A sufficient amount of ISK solves a number of problems and allows you to run your storyline while playing for fun. True, there are almost always a few of them, since the ways to earn isk are not too numerous:

  1. Ore mining.
  2. Destroy mobs.
  3. NPC agent missions.
  4. Faction wars
  5. Search for crumbs among the rubble after battles and suicides.
  6. Production of a planetarium.
  7. Hacking artifacts into anomalies.

Some of them require investments, or allies, and absolutely everything - a lot of time, patience and a long study of the guide. It is not surprising that most people prefer to buy isk Eve Online for rubles, so as not to spend days and weeks on the same farm.

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How to sell isk Eve Online

Lucky enough to get hold of untold online wealth, but don't need a plex and a vehicle upgrade now ? Sell ​​your surplus for a ruble and get really rich. The profit will be good even at low prices, because the demand for them is very high.

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EVE Online is set in a unique sci-fi universe of the future. It is inhabited not only by factionalists, traders and brave explorers looking for rare resources, but also by bounty hunters, spies and space pirates.