Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Buy a Final Fantasy 14 gil

How to buy a Final Fantasy 14 gil

On the Loot4Pay marketplace, buying a gil is very easy. You can talk to the seller directly and ask him all your questions. For example, you can agree on how the in-game currency will be sent, as well as clarify which data centers the seller works with.

All the game currency you bought is farmed honestly without the use of bots and third-party software. No problems with breaking the game rules.

What is gil and why are they needed?

Gil or gil is the universal currency in the world of Final Fantasy with these coins you can buy a lot of things. Initial equipment, consumables, beautiful things to enchant the appearance. And if you want to buy a luxurious mansion for your character or guild, you definitely can’t do without a very decent amount of gil.

If you don’t want to spend time reselling goods between servers, farm locations, dungeons and bosses, in the hope of a good earnings, but I want to play right now - It's time to turn to Loot4Pay.

Well, if you have accumulated a surplus of gil, you can always sell them to us at a good price.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs, constantly getting new content, and the game's community is quite friendly to beginners. Life in this fantasy world is full of dangers, but there is no such problem that would not be easily overcome with the help of a heavy bag of gil in your pocket.