Free Fire

Gameplay Flow

GARENA FREE FIRE is an exciting action game. The quantitative component of players in one time period can reach up to fifty characters. The goal of the game is to become the absolute winner, to survive. This is achieved by fighting characters with each other. "GARENA FREE FIRE" compares favorably with other games of a similar theme, the ability of the character to develop and acquire skills.

Players independently select variations of entering the game: a single character, with a partner, or a squad of three or four warriors. Starting moment: aircraft flying over the landscape. Player-controlled virtual fighters are placed inside the aircraft, the characters have no equipment.

The route of the game flight is arbitrary, generated by the method of random variations. After the plane lands, the "fighters" can examine the buildings for the presence of equipment and weapons, the appropriation of which will later help them defeat others. The equipment of eliminated characters, as in other games of this kind, remains at the place of liquidation.

At short intervals, the game map is randomly reduced in a random zone. Absolutely any player who gets into this destructuring zone is damaged. In this situation, the main task is to reach a safe place as soon as possible. If the player does not meet a certain time limit, staying in the destructive zone leads to a critical level of damage, and subsequently to the death of the character, with the end of the match for the player, and elimination from the game.< /p>

In addition, during the game, also, in absolutely arbitrary places, a red zone may appear, which conditionally represents areas subjected to massive bombardment. This gives the effect of an actual threat to all fighters that are in this zone. The average duration of a full game match is about ten minutes.

Esports News

11/16/2019, the world championship - "FREE FIRE WORLD SERIES 2019 RIO" was held in Rio de Janeiro. The prize fund of the championship is four hundred thousand dollars. In 2020, or rather, on February 1, the tournament of our Russian League "FREE FIRE" was opened, with 1,200,000 rubles. prize fund.03.07.2020 GARENA announced a new league - "FREE FIRE PRO LEAGUE CIS", which included 2 types of open gaming qualifiers, 2 qualifying finishes, 2 indoor qualifiers, a couple of main stages, as well as the grand final of this league.

The total financial weight of the prize fund as a whole amounted to $30,000.

The end of summer 2020 was also marked by a significant event - the announcement of the international gaming tournament - "FREE FIRE CONTINENTAL SERIES" took place. The event itself was held on November 21, 2020. As part of the tournament, the "FREE FIRE AMERICA SERIES" competitions were held, in which representatives of the northern states competed with the southern ones, "FREE FIRE ASIA SERIES", where the participants were represented by citizens of most Asian states. Citizens of European countries, the CIS, as well as those of North Africa and the Middle East regions,

"GARENA FREE FIRE" (other names - "FREE FIRE BATTLEGROUNDS" and "FREE FIRE") is an almost free online gaming functionality adapted for mobile devices, designed for a large number of users. The genre of action is the format of the royal battle. Developed this "toy" "111DOTS STUDIO" (the game itself was released by GARENA in 2017), for devices based on iOS, Android. Today "GARENA FREE FIRE" - a super popular game in the above specifics.