Main features

After starting the game, the user enters the unique territory of San Andreas. This is a fictional state with its own laws and regulations. For inspiration, the creator used the territory of Southern California, but made his own changes.

The main feature of this place is a high crime rate. The plot revolves around three main characters. These are the robbers that the user plays as. They commit the most daring and daring deeds, while opposing not only the law, but also the well-known criminal gangs in this world. As a result, the heroes constantly experience adrenaline and balance on the verge of life and death.

This is an open world with rich functionality, you can use the infrastructure, provide for your life, and drive a variety of vehicles. At the same time, the hero independently chooses the game modes and the character for whom he will play. It is possible to go online and organize your own team competitions.

Opinions about GTA

After the release of Grand Theft Auto V, the media called the game the most ambitious project due to its great features and open thoughtful peace. In terms of costs, this is one of the most expensive games to develop. In addition, significant funds have been invested in marketing to increase user interest. They paid off completely, because at the time of 2021 the game can be safely called one of the most popular. The value of 135 million sales of copies was reached.

The developers do not plan to stop on these achievements. Versions will be updated and adapted to new game consoles, when they come out. It can also be noted that the company plans to separately offer an online version, which will be with reduced functionality, but the ability to open the network world.

The first GTA games appeared a long time ago and became loved by many users. Now released Grand Theft Auto V, this is a completely new word from the company. In this game, the main classic advantages are expressed, and there are also a lot of new interesting features. At first, the game was adapted for game consoles, which allowed you to fully immerse yourself in a special gangster world. Now it is also available in a version for PC on different systems. This is the fifteenth version in the GTA series.