Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Overview

World and game features

The game takes place in the game world of Tyria. The ability to synchronize it with the actions of the players is noted as one of the distinguishing qualities. This is implemented by dynamic game activities.


It is worth noting the distinctive features and even innovations of the role-playing system, and yes, there are some:

Treasures to collect or simply loot

All treasures picked up and dropped from enemy hordes have the normal list of attributes . They grow in parallel with the item level and class.

Item classes and corresponding colors:

So, the most powerful equipment is at the bottom of the list and is painted in the most contrasting colors.

A few words about donations and the store

The in-game currency shop contains only cosmetic decorations or boosters for additional comfort of passing. These include additional bank slots or a chance to create more characters. However, all these items, including game add-ons, can also be purchased with in-game currency, which is accumulated by killing enemies and completing quests. The impact of player donations on the in-game storytelling process is minimal.


Everything looted and earned will not be depreciated after the expiration of time. This is realized by the thoughtful introduction of fresh loot, which has a balanced sum of attribute points for existing and new equipment. The developers give their word that the best equipment, earned with sweat and blood, will remain relevant forever. There will be no items above level 80 that will take all the attention of the players to themselves.

Equipment balance here is implemented with an eye to balance, unlike many modern MMOs.

Leveled up things to do

After finishing the game with a maximum level of the hero, you should not immediately look for a replacement for her. Players who reach the threshold level will gain access to the mastery system. With its help, it is possible to select additional branches of pumping your character. In view of this, end-game content is implemented by gaining experience to advance through new skill trees.


Monetization model - Buy to play - "pay once and play", no renewal fees. From August 29, 2015 you only need to buy an add-on, the main game client is available for free for an unlimited time. It is possible to play original content without paying a penny in the infinite demo access mode with minimal restrictions (inventory size and character limit are reduced, there are also some restrictions against spammers and bots: no access to auctions and the main chat).

Guild Wars 2 – This is a massive role-playing game in the MMO genre, developed by ArenaNet. The publisher is NCSoft.