Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm game

Game progress

Along with other MOBA format toys, Heroes of the Storm involves the battle of 2 teams of five players. The task of gamers is to destroy the opponent's citadel. All players can play 1 character. However, there are exceptions: for example, the Lost Vikings character is 3 independent heroes. Characters are controlled by analogy with RTS games: both separately and with the simultaneous participation of all heroes with the preliminary selection of characters with the mouse. The game also includes Cho'gall, an ogre with two heads, a hero controlled by 2 gamers.

Unlike other toys in this format, the player has no experience. Each point of experience earned in person goes to the team account. If the team collects the required number of experience points, it reaches a new level. This instantly makes each hero stronger (by four percent for each level reached). At a number of levels: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 20, all players are given the opportunity to choose a specific skill to improve their own hero (Chromie's character can get talents 2 levels earlier). Also, there is no currency or equipment in the match.

More about bases

The enemy bases are exactly the same. They include a number of objects:

Abathur has a special skill that makes it possible to summon a MUL (a worker from part 2 of StarCraft). He can repair nearby damaged buildings. Destroyed buildings cannot be restored.

Certain maps include vantage points. The capture of positions involves an unlimited view of nearby territories. To be able to capture observation points, it is required that for a period of several seconds there are characters of one's own team in the intended area and there are no characters of the opponent. The observation point can be recaptured at any time.

In addition, all maps include individual gameplay specifics. In some cases, the tasks of the players are displayed on the map. As you complete tasks, opponents receive certain benefits. Examples: bombarding enemy buildings, a powerful unit for 1 or several teams.

Heroes of the Storm – multiplayer game made by Blizzard Entertainment. It is available for Windows and macOS operating systems. Heroes of the Storm includes heroes from 4 Blizzard universes. The user can play without the mandatory deposit of funds, there are microtransactions.