Hustle Castle

Game concept

The gameplay in Hustle Castle is divided into two stages. The first one is construction. At this stage, the player develops his possessions and prepares for the upcoming battles: he builds and improves various locations of the castle, recruits new subjects, and increases the level of equipment of the characters. Each of the many rooms allows you to accumulate resources that ensure the functioning of the fortress, the construction of new premises, and the improvement of the characteristics of characters. They also offer other bonuses.

In the active, combat phase, battles unfold between the player's characters and their enemies, which are controlled by AI. The player's army independently maneuvers around the location, using the available abilities. In addition, the plot and features of the game involve attacks on the castles of other players,

Hustle Castle — a godsend for players who prefer the genre of economic strategy, and who want to try on the role of the lord of a medieval citadel. How the game is distributed – Free-to-play model.