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The game is distinguished by its diversity and grandiosity not only in PvP, but also in PvE. Here, the heroes are waiting for a lot of dungeons with different modes and 5 difficulty levels. Large groups will have a chance to fight gigantic bosses and win impressive loot.

But not all at once. At first, you will have to get bored in the farm, bit by bit collecting resources for sale at the auction, or knocking out meager gold from mobs. Often such a routine encourages Ikarus players to buy gold for real and thus make their lives much easier. Agree, winning is more interesting than farming.

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The spectacular MMORPG from 101XP, which those who wish to play on a Russian-language server have been waiting for so long, captivates even sophisticated gamers who have gone through WoW and a number of other notorious universes. Icarus takes place in Midlas – a world famous for breathtaking views, legendary battles and advanced mounts, on which you can fight even in the air!