Karos Online


The creators of the game came up with their own unusual world in which events take place. The fictional world of Azmar rests on a certain element called fletta. It is obtained from fletotsvetov. The flat contains all the magic of the earth, for which the forces of good and evil are fighting. The player gets the role of a hero, who faces the need to overcome a dark spell that can destroy the world. The hero who fights the forces of darkness turns into the warrior Karos.


For five hundred years, the country of Brokion, located on the planet Azmara, has been torn apart by a mortal battle between the empires of light and darkness. Hass, the ruler of Brokion, sought to increase the amount of the fletta substance, which would help stop the resurrection of the crown prince of darkness, Malex the Almighty, who was also gathering the fletta. Both sides regularly and thoroughly increase financial and military strength. In pursuit of flatt, they brought flat flowers to the brink of extinction. But the Dark Force will stop at nothing to get the fletta, it is ready to kill the population of even its own country, sacrificing it. And those of the wonin who survived were sent to the territories where the phlettoflowers bloomed and collected everything that could be collected. Fletta was no longer produced. The forces of darkness could not wait any longer, Malex had to be resurrected - the more time passed, the greater the risk of turning his body into dust. But if he is resurrected, then the Crown Prince of Light, Ret, will perish. In order to prevent a catastrophe, they gathered a council, at which they took measures to combine the forces of the army and the energy of the fletta. This was the birth of the Cafernel Federation, which was called upon to protect the interests of the forces of light. But there was an extreme shortage of flat flowers, and there was only hope for the army. The fight is for the fletta, which must be taken away from the forces of darkness and protected. For this, the combatant receives from the forces of light a mine with a flat. And the reward for the soul of Malek is the assumption of the post of commander-in-chief, who will be awarded the army of Kafernel.


The developers managed to create a unique idea of ​​flatta, for which there is a struggle in the medieval world. Siege weapons are carefully designed, with which you can fight for fortresses. If the siege is successful, the player receives a percentage of the purchase and sale in the numerous trading shops of the countryman. You can also recapture flat mining mines. In order not to create an additional load, animals on which movement is possible go into the mode of a totem weapon.

Using the program

The game has a Free-to-play system. To complete the game, no additional processor power is required, which will allow even a non-advanced user to enjoy the game.

We present to your attention an available online massive multiplayer  computer  game Karos: The Beginning, in the original it sounds like  Karos Online. The game is available in free format. Its  developer since 2009 is the GalaxyGate group. Arcadia's firm released it on European and American platforms under the name KALOS. In the winter of 2009, the stage of its beta testing passed, and already in the fall of the following year, the Russian user was able to evaluate it thanks to the publishing house of the Nikita Online Corporation.