Last Oasis Fleets

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Lo has a special currency, Flots, which plays a big role in LO. If you need some resources, but there is no way to get them yourself, then you have to trade with other players. But what if the money runs out? The Loot4Pay marketplace will help you here, where you can purchase game currency directly from other players.

How it works

You can buy Last Oasis fleets as follows:

Our security system will only transfer funds to the seller after How do you confirm the fact of the transaction.

If you have accumulated extra game currency, or you just want to earn money, then Loot4Pay will help you find buyers. We guarantee the best buying and selling on our platform and full customer protection.

This game is a survival game with sandbox elements, where the player will constantly have to fight for his place in the sun. Due to the fact that a suitable location suitable for existence is constantly shifting, all players are forced to lead a nomadic lifestyle. This means that you can never strengthen and relax — The challenges never end, so Last Oasis never gets boring.