League of Legends

Game Process

Basic Principles

Based on playing sports, League of Legends is divided into separate game parts (sessions). To start playing in the selected mode, you must first apply, and then wait for the selection of other players to start the next game session. The selection of players is carried out automatically, based on the user's rating in the selected game mode.

As a rule, a game game lasts about 15-65 minutes, depending on the selected mode. Each new game session starts from scratch, that is, absolutely every player has the lowest level and the base amount of resources at the start of the level. A player in LoL, with an account assigned to him, is called a "summoner".

The game settings allow the summoner to choose a playable character before the game starts, change its functional characteristics (using runes) and choose two additional skills for the champion. Common skills for all playable characters are "summoner spells". The main goal of almost all game modes is the gradual crushing of all enemy buildings that make up a defensive line on the way to the main building of the enemy - the nexus.

The team that destroys the enemy nexus first wins. On the way to the main building there are inhibitors and towers. In view of the fact that the tower is a construction structure, it is used to fire at approaching enemy forces. At the same time, the emphasis of fire from the towers is directed at minions (non-player characters, that move along a programmed trajectory towards the enemy team's nexus).

Players are attacked by the tower last. Inhibitors are needed to summon minions. Destroying minions and enemy buildings gives the player experience points, which are needed to level up, and gold, which can be spent on various items that increase the champion's game characteristics. Each summoner in LoL can only control one of their playable characters (there are some exceptions).

In case the player has specific skills, they can interact with the champions of other summoners, for example, heal them, give them strength or speed, and others. One of the main goals is to kill the players of other teams. At the same time, the first kill (first blood) is especially valued. It gives more gold than subsequent finishing moves. If the champion dies, he resurrects after a set period of time at his starting position. Compared to real-time strategy games, the player does not have the ability to control minions or change buildings.

The control of the game character is mainly done with the mouse. To use special items and skills, you must use the keys on the keyboard.

League of Legends, abbreviated as LoL  – is a role-playing strategy game that involves partial real-time tactical decision making (MOBA). The video game was developed and released on October 27, 2009 by Riot Games. League of Legends is available on the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms. Thanks to distribution using the free-to-play model, the monthly attendance of the game (as of September 2016) reaches about 100 million users worldwide.