League of Legends Coaching

Order League of Legends training

The entry threshold into League of Legends is not high and any person with a little bit of a normal reaction will be able to play at a decent initial level, but then subtleties and pitfalls begin. To achieve a level of skill at least above average, you will have to make a lot of effort and spend a decent amount of time.

Instead of learning all the tricks of LoL alone, you can take the help of more experienced players who will teach you the intricacies of the game, both certain roles and specific classes. After such master classes, none of the party members will accuse you of feeding the enemy hero on the top or not being able to defend the mid.

How do I order a League of Legends tutorial?

Using the services of experienced game coaches, you will save your time and nerves in long and often fruitless attempts to get into a higher league, or on your own looking for a way to play a character and building not the most optimal builds.

Of course, there are advantages to learning the game on your own, but if you do not have much free time, then the help of a teacher is your most reasonable choice. He can always help you both with advice on tactics and help you break into the TOP of the best players.

If you yourself are an experienced League of Legends player and want to share your knowledge with beginners, then with the help of Loot4Pay you can not only do a good deed, but also earn money. You just need to go through a simple registration procedure and put up an announcement about the recruitment of students.

The world-famous MOBA League of Legends has attracted a huge number of users over the years of its existence. Millions of players go head to head every day in multiple matches to test their skills and teamwork. Whether it's professional competition, or battling a random team after work, one rule remains the same: Easy to start but hard to master.