Lineage 2 Classic

There are few people who have visited Silithus since THE BURNING CRUSADE was released. Do you think it has already been scrapped? You are mistaken, it is still quite functional, and is waiting for its longtime fans.

Therefore, it is not particularly surprising when developers, after a long development of the game, sometimes return to the original version. So did NCSoft, who created the reference MMORPG Lineage 2. In fact, LINEAGE 2 CLASSIC is a tribute to the pleasant memories of most gamers familiar with the "Lineage" of the "CHRONICLE ONE" era. The strategy of the game is to confront everything and everyone for your own survival.

The main reasons for the popularity of a particular game resource is social interaction. People living thousands of miles apart come together for a common goal, built into the functionality of the game. On the basis of this, along with the growth of skills and the development of the character, friendships are formed.

Of course, the main role is played by relationships within the game, and the interests associated with this are forming some kind of alliances for war with the opposing character, which is controlled by artificial intelligence.

In the reality of LINEAGE, anarchy and chaos are present from the very beginning. When fighting with a player who interferes with your destruction of mobs, the color of the name of the initiator of the conflict changes from white to purple, which indicates an agreement to accept the fight. This will not go unnoticed - in a few minutes, several more people who want to take part in the fight will rush in. With an increase in the number of fighting, a spectacular "batch" will soon begin, which has turned into a bloody massacre. And even if you faded from the scene, some, sometimes quite a long time, the massacre will continue. Returning to the place in half an hour, to hunt mobs and raise the level, you can catch the carnage that has not yet died out, and if you wish, join it again.

That's what LINEAGE 2 is all about. That's what fans love about it, and that's what they've been waiting for from LINEAGE 2 CLASSIC.

The world of online games is constantly changing. And it's not always possible to get nostalgic by downloading a long-familiar old version from a disk, and again make an exciting journey through the places of past battles that died down more than fifteen years ago. Content changes, adapts to new versions of software. Old functionality, in rare cases, can be improved and modernized. Outdated low-demand versions of game content are being replaced by more advanced options.