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For a long time, Lineage 2 held its place in the TOP of the best MMORPGs and has changed a lot over the years of its existence. Several new chronicles were released, balance changed, classes changed, new equipment and other items were added. But in 2019, the players were given a gift and released Lineage 2 Essence. This version of the game has incorporated all the best that was in LA2 - PvP battles and sieges, world bosses and classic mechanics. The only difference from the original in Essence is the presence of autoboy. Thanks to this innovation, you can upgrade your characters automatically.

How to buy things

It only takes a couple of simple steps to do this:

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Why you should buy things in LA:Essence

It would seem, why buy anything in a game where there is an autoboy. It's simple - the chance of getting the right items in the Ruler has always been not high. The Loot4Pay marketplace can help you get equipment of any grade, as well as books, accessories, weapons and much more in the shortest possible time. In this case, you do not have to rely on luck,

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