Lineage 2M

Lineage 2M game review

Few people know, but Lineage 2M is a remake, not a spin-off. Lineage 2M is a port of the classic L2 that we remember and love. The developers were able to fully transfer the main features of the game to mobile systems. Apparently, they succeeded, and this is not to mention the fact that they managed to get rid of jambs and problems in the game forever. The game will support 3D graphics and 4k resolution.

Very important features of classic C4, Interlude, Final, GoD chronicles were implemented in Lineage 2M. Powerful bosses now live directly in the open world, so you need to be prepared for more serious competition for their loot.

The appearance of the races has been slightly changed. Lineage 2M can also be run on PC via NCSoft's official Purple emulator. There are 31 rebalanced classes to choose from, so even the most fastidious player will be able to choose the most suitable class.

Battles will take place simultaneously in three dimensions, so it will be extremely important to take into account the terrain in order to build the most effective tactics. NCSOFT also made an official statement that there will be over 100 different classes in the open game world.

Lineage 2M — this is an extremely ambitious project that was able to transfer the well-known universe from NCSOFT to mobile operating systems. Lineage 2M has nothing to do with Lineage 2: Revolution.