Lords Mobile

In 2016, the game received first place in the nomination "Best Competitive Award" from Google Play, in 2017 - it was awarded in the nomination on behalf of the company as "Best Multiplayer Game".

Game story

Lords Mobile is a combination of MMORPG and strategy. The game process includes several modes, the most important of which is the PVP battle. The tasks of the players include improving the fortress, developing the army in order to conquer enemy fortresses, destroy opponents, capture resources and subjugate the leaders of the warring side.

In normal mode, players can only attack opponents from their own kingdom, but when fighting kingdoms (KvK) Kingdoms selected by the system are opened for strikes. The exception is secure servers. Players have the ability to attack monsters that are displayed from time to time on the state map, thus multiplying their wealth.

In addition to the standard attack option, a gamer can capture territories in order to receive bonuses, both for a personal profile and for the whole team. Gamers have access to such modes as wars for miracles; feudal wars; battles of emperors.

The game provides additional modes in PvE and PvP formats:

Lords Mobile — a game in the form of an MMO strategy game created under the supervision of the IGG studio on a free basis with built-in paid updates. According to App Annie, the game is a highly requested app on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play. The originally formed version of the game has over 60 million users in the world.