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But no matter which side you play, some things are always true. To win, you will need good equipment, which you can buy for play money. There are as many as 36 currencies in this universe.

Lost Ark gold deserves special attention. Without it, it is impossible to buy the most valuable equipment, treasure maps, runes and rare items at the auction. Here are just ways to farm gold mainly come down to:

Some of them are boring, time consuming and provide meager loot. Others are complex and require investment. No wonder buying gold is common in Lost Ark.< /p>

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Many people prefer to buy gold coins for real, so as not to farm, spending precious hours on not very exciting activities. In Lost Ark, you can buy gold from another gamer, the main thing is to find an attractive price and not run into a scammer.

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The game Lost Ark is considered the most successful modern MMORPG project. Its key differences – rapidly changing world under the influence of players and events, original gameplay, incredible game space and a variety of heroes.