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The whole situation is exacerbated by the difficulty of farming gear, and good gear is essential to compete at the highest level. If you don’t want to rely on random and spend countless hours of your life in the game, then you can buy items for Metin2 on the Loot4Pay marketplace. Start enjoying the game today!

How to use the service

In order to purchase Metin2 items, you will need the following:

After when you received the purchased item, report the completion of the transaction and leave feedback. Based on the available reviews, you can quickly find a seller who is in high demand and has a good reputation.

Of course, you can sell game values ​​on our marketplace. If you are a skilled gamer, then this is a great way to monetize your hobby!

The Korean game Metin2 has all the features of oriental games, including a unique style and interesting PvP battles. Of course, there is also a rather lengthy pumping, designed for hardcore players. The higher the level, the more difficult it is to swing further and the more you need to spend on various needs.