Minecraft Dungeons

The process of the game

A distinctive feature of the game from Minecraft is that there is no crafting of items in it, and there is also no possibility of destruction and installation of blocks. Actions take place in the dungeon zone. The gamer is exploring randomly generated underground areas that are visited by mobs and bosses. In addition to everything, the game is replete with puzzles and a treasure hunt mode. The player has the opportunity to use any weapon found, as well as use all the artifacts and armor at his discretion.

Development Features

Minecraft Dungeons was developed by Mojang Studios based on Unreal Engine. Following the successful promotion of Minecraft, the Mojang studio wondered about other features and options at the disposal of the gamer. New features should enrich the game and bring something unique to the Minecraft universe.

In the process of experimenting with the realization of this or that single-player idea, many features had to be abandoned. Modeled after the Nintendo 3DS series The Legend of Zelda, the game was designed for a single player exploring dungeons. Minecraft Dungeons was inspired by Diablo and Torchlight, according to game director Mons Olsen.

Minecraft Dungeons — An action RPG game for PC developed by Mojang Studios in collaboration with Double Eleven that features single and multiplayer modes. The release of the game paired with the operating systems Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch falls on 05/26/2020. The publishers are Standard Edition and Hero Edition.