Modern construction - Minecraft

Distribution was carried out through the official website. In the future, versions were thought out for a wide variety of systems. Now Minecraft works on all mobile devices and consoles. Microsoft acquired the rights to this popular entertainment in 2014. At that time, the rights to Minecraft were worth $2.5 billion. Xbox further developed the education edition.

Game Features

Developer Persson used the Java language to create his masterpiece. Fans should be grateful to the LWJGL graphics output library for the quality visualization of the idea.

The main feature of the Minecraft game world is to provide complete freedom for each player. They have the opportunity to create their own script. According to the Lego prototype, this is a full-fledged world of cubic shapes, which is implemented online.

You can create a variety of structures, build your own playground, travel around the huge world. For construction, you will need resources, they can be purchased or mined using different tools. The luckiest ones manage to achieve a high level without investing money. In addition, interaction with other players is provided. You can fight with them or team up to implement large-scale projects and impressive victories.

More than just exploration and construction is available in Minecraft. There is also an opportunity to survive here. In this mode, resources will have to be extracted urgently. There is also a creative mode, which without limits provides all the fossils to realize all your fantasies.

The game can be a simple entertainment for children, as well as an excellent constructor for programmers and engineers. Its possibilities are really almost limitless.

Expert and user opinion

Until now, the popularity of Minecraft is actively growing around the world. The game was acclaimed by the media and received many awards. Experts note that this is a simple and minimalist adventure that allows all players to feel the freedom for self-realization. Among the shortcomings, some unfinished items, lack of training and difficulty in the network game were noted, but later these disadvantages were eliminated.

At the moment, more than 200 copies of this game have been sold, which means that that Minecraft has become the best-selling app in history. In marketing, reviews on popular video hosting sites and thematic communities where players share their impressions are of great importance.

Minecraft– it is a popular indie game. The main task of the developers is to create a kind of sandbox and transfer it to the computers and smartphones of all children and adults who want to return to their youth. The developer was a programmer from Sweden Markus Persson. In 2009, the first version of the game appeared, and in 2011 it was adapted for PC.