Mobile Legends

Ranked Mode is great because it allows you to earn rewards based on your rank. That is, the higher the rank, the greater your reward will be at the end. The rank is determined after the passage of the season, that is, after 90 days. Upon reaching the "Epic" it will be possible to block the heroes. There are also such interesting arcade modes as: devastation, magic chess, chaos, etc.


The game process includes the battle of two teams, the purpose of which is to destroy the enemy base, as well as protecting its base, top, bottom and center of the lines connecting it. In the game they will look like: top, bot and mid. A team is considered to be 5 players. They control their characters, or rather "heroes". Heroes that are poorly controlled by the computer are called "minions". Appearing at the command bases, the minions follow to the enemy base in three lines and fight with towers and enemies. A group of heroes can consist of a shooter, mage, assassin, fighter, as well as support and a tank. Victory will be provided to you if the characters will interact harmoniously with each other. You are waiting for an indescribable feeling of the game.

Everyone loves mobile games, especially when it comes to combat. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is no exception. Moonton technology company was engaged in its creation and development. The game gained wide popularity due to its MOBA genre. It has >5 modes: combat, rating, arcade, etc. The battle mode takes place on one line. It opens from level 3 and in the presence of & nbsp; 800 gold units. Its peculiarity is that when you leave the resurrection zone, you cannot recover or buy something.