New World

Building your own destiny in the New World

The main task of the hero will be to simply live in this terrifying but beautiful world. At the same time, characters are practically not limited by anything, they can deal with the economy, wars, skillfully combine these issues. In this case, much attention is paid to the interaction between the player. It can be enmity, alliances or neutral trade relations. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the threat can even come from fantastic creatures, so you should always be on the lookout.

Plot features

The main place is North America about 5 centuries ago. The period of colonization is actively passing and the Middle Ages rule. At the same time, the times of day and year, weather conditions change, this allows you to experience new emotions every time, after all, the enemies around and events change, everything develops dynamically, does not let users get bored.

Sieges and PVP battles become one of the biggest events. These are battles of different clans, which are large-scale battles, up to 500 people can participate in them at the same time. Here it is important not only to show your abilities, but also to try to protect your things, which can be plundered in the event of the death of the hero.

Modern technologies

Lumberyard engine and cloud technology from the well-known Amazon company. As a result, the world becomes dynamic. It becomes more detailed and easily accommodates a large number of players.

At the moment, there is only general information about the game, since there is no specific release date. At the same time, manufacturers say that they will provide this entertainment in the form of a paid subscription and it will become one of the most popular. It is worth noting that the chances will be approximately equal, because there are no plans to create additional paid content.

The New World game is presented in multiplayer mode. The genre of the fantasy setting is chosen, this allows you to enjoy beautiful animation and a bewitching thematic soundtrack.